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Training Videos


Being a Published Author is The Ultimate Unfair Advantage in the New Fiduciary Advisory ERA we live in today. 

Learn how to maximize your Authority, Celebrity and Expertise- your ACE Formula- as an author by watching this Master Class series of marketing videos created especially for you by Charles Epstein and Adam Witty.

Charlie Epstein, The 401k Coach, has 35 years of "in the trenches" retirement advisory experience as the owner of his own registered investment company, Epstein Financial Services, LLC. 401k Wire has nominated Charlie as one of the top 100 Most Influential Individuals in the 401k Industry. He is the author of two books, "Paychecks for Life, How To Turn Your 401(k) Into A Paycheck Manufacturing Co," and "Save America Save, The Secrets of A Successful 401(k) Plan."

Adam Witty, CEO of Advantage Media Group, is the author of 7 books, including, "Book The Business: How to Make Big Money With Your Book Without Even Selling a Single Copy," in which he provides the marketing blueprint for professionals to get the most from their book. Adam's company has helped entrepreneurs in 60 different industry's publish over 750 books!

Watch and listen as these two successful authors take you through a Master's Class in Authority Marketing:

Master how to create "instant super-credibility" in the eyes of your prospects and existing clients with your book.
Learn how to raise your authority, celebrity and expert status.
Determine how to use your book to generate more business with high net worth individuals.
Go from an unwanted salesperson to trusted advisor and make a quantum leap in your business approach.
These techniques will set you up for a memorable first meeting.
Lose your business card and brochure and replace them with your most powerful asset: your book!
Learn the follow-up techniques you should be using with your book after the first meeting.
Be coached on the #1 priority of journalists and how to attract the lion's share of free PR and Media!
Attract more referrals faster, easier, and bigger from your existing clients and even your prospects.
Speaking engagements, both free and paid, can accelerate the acquisition process of gathering more new clients.
Learn how to create tele-seminars, webinars, and how to work with affiliate partners.
Live events allow you to pre-qualify your prospects and grow your business.
Being an author is both innovative and the single most valuable marketing asset you can own in your business today.