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The Story
The Story Behind

Save America, Save!

Hi, I’m Charlie Epstein. For a long time, I was just like you – a focused financial advisor with an AIF® designation, calling on 401(k) plan sponsors, competing on Fees, Funds, and Fiduciary matters. Business was pretty good. We were even a member of one of the national retirement plan advisory groups. We had access to top notch tools and technologies. We’d win a plan here and there and we would occasionally uncover ancillary business opportunities, thanks to our marketing and exceptional first meeting approach. 

But then a thunderbolt changed the way plan sponsors viewed me and we weren’t just winning plans here and there, we were knocking the socks off of prospects and became a top player being sought after, giving us the confidence with even bigger plans!

How? I became an author. My first book; Paychecks for Life: How to Turn Your 401(k) Into a Paycheck Manufacturing Company not only became my new business card, it made me the expert in my field. Case in point, a $45M Plan was out for an RFP with 5 advisory firms, including my own. Every one of these firms was top notch, the best in the industry. The plan sponsors were very focused on creating successful participant outcomes. Everyone came in with their Gap Statements, Education Policy Statements, and described how they would do group meetings and one-on-one meetings with the participants. I came in with my book, Paycheck for Life. Game Over! I wrote the book on creating successful retirement outcomes! The board of trustees saw working with me as the specialist in the field. In a few short moments, at that first meeting, we captured the esteem, imagination and business of that $45M Plan!

So that’s what being an author of a book can do for you. But I have to tell you, IT WAS NOT EASY! It took me 3 ½ years to write that book and almost 6 figures to publish it. Was it worth it? Well, yes! Now my business is growing 10x Faster, Easier, and Bigger!

Now, I want to help you do the same: Grow your Business Faster, Easier, Bigger, but also do it Cheaper! This is why I have created my System: "How to become an Instant Author, Expert, and Authority and 'Book' More 401(k) Business,” derived from my new manuscript; Save America, Save! The Secrets of a Successful 401(k) Plan.

I’ve taken away all the angst you would experience in publishing a book on your own. I’ve provided you with 95% of the content that will educate and excite your clients and prospects. With our process, you can actually have your book in 60 days! I’ve partnered with Advantage Media Group, The Business Growth Publisher™. They will help you take my book and make it your own.

Click Here to get started and go from being the salesman with a pitch to the author, expert and authority in your marketplace!



Charles D. Epstein has over 35 years of professional experience in the financial services industry. As the principal of Epstein Financial Group, LLC and Epstein Financial Services, a registered investment advisory firm, …